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Common Core, TEKS, Standards, Blah, Blah, Blah

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So, we are all responsibility for teaching the standards. ALL of us no matter where we're from. However, the standards vary from state to state. Take it from this teacher of ONLY military children - there are HUGE gaps in the standards...or at least what is being taught from state to state, duty station to duty station.
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In Texas we have what are called TEKS which means Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills which is Texas's equivalent to the Common Core State Standards. There are only four states that have chosen not to adopt the CCSS and wouldn't you know, Texas is one of them, which shouldn't come as a surprise since they always want to be difficult different. I am not surprised that Virginia is another, but I am by Alaska and Nebraska just based on my own opinions, observations, and whatnot. Truly, the TEKS aren't that much different from the CCSS. The CCSS language is a lot more teacher and family friendly, but I wanted to save time and not do a side-by-side comparison if it was already done. I know, I am lazy trying not to reinvent the wheel. :)  I found an article from the Texas Association of Business (notice, that isn't an educational publication or anything) that was a bit intriguing. While it isn't the true side-by-side I was looking for, it does compare TEKS to CCSS in Mathematics. I think the CCSS versus TEKS debacle all comes down to politics and greed money. I would prefer if we were able to switch to common core because the goal of CCSS is depth and not just breadth. There is simply not enough time when we have PLC time (45 mins) AND conference time (45 minutes) daily to cover each of the TEKS individually to the depth that they warrant, but such is life.

Texas teachers, or concerned others (that sounds like I am referring to something from Lost --remember that show? But I digress...), HERE's the link if you're interested.  What are your thoughts?  Anyone else teach military children and wonder the effects on them as they PCS (permanent change of station for you non-military folk).

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