Saturday, December 22, 2012 - Free Stuff for Your Class

Free stuff for your class! Yes, you read that correctly. If you're not new to teaching, you know how much money you have spent on your own classroom resources, materials, and supplies. I know I have spent thousands over the past 9 years. I then learned from an advertisement that I was spending money on things that I could be getting for free from DonorsChoose.orgI continue to put money into things I need, but now some of the higher end items are supplied and it has saved me tremendously. allows you to post projects for classroom needs. When you first register, you are supplied with 2 points. The amount of points a project costs you depends on the project's total cost to donors. They make it super easy with easy to fill in boxes, a "shopping mall" for you to shop online at specific vendors, or once you earn additional points, you can post items from outside sources, class visitors, and even field trips! If you haven't checked them out, be sure to go now. It doesn't take much time, but you will be amazed at the support you will receive from outside sources! They often have $1 for $1 donor matching and you can link it to your Facebook page for additional promotion. I mean, could it be any better? 

Want to see some of the 17 projects I had funded? Check them out HERE. Everything from Leap Frog Leapsters, Hot Dots, headphones, flash drives, digital cameras, Apple TV, headsets with mics, color printers, a laminator, digital microscope, hand lenses, and more. Did I mention I just had a project funded to take all 22 of my kiddos and 8 adults to Sea World during our animal unit in April??!!

Have any of you ever posted a project? What are your experiences with DonorsChoose?

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  1. I love Donor's Choose! It is a life saver because I was spending so much of my own money and I just couldn't keep up with it year after year so now I get about 90% of my resources from DC. I now even get my files from Teachers Pay Teachers via Donorschoose! I will have to write a post about that soon because it's saving me a fortune!
    I'm heading over to check out your grants :) And Congrants on the field trip! That is amazing!
    Learning In Wonderland


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