Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Currently for 2013

I am linking up with Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for this year's Currently. I have been reading these for a couple of years, but am glad I get to participate in my first one!

I am listening to Glee on my iPod. I have every.single.album. Yep, I am a Gleek!
I am loving my new SUV. I traded in my 2008 Toyota Highlander for a 2013 Toyota Highlander Limited last Saturday. (in my head I am singing...."Movin' on up...")
I am thinking about how much I have to do before we go back to school Monday. I had high hopes of rearranging my room, putting new bulletin boards up, getting my guided reading area more organized, redoing all of my book bins, etc. then this lovely IBS attack intensified and I've had to turn to an all juicing diet to even exist. Needless to say, I barely have any energy with all this pain!  (ouch!) But...I am headed back up to my room today and can't wait to make major headway!
I am wanting to go back to the Florida Keys. I spent Spring Break 2011 in the Florida Keys for the first time with some amazing fellow wounded warrior wives. I loved it so much I had to take the fam so we went in July 2011. Then we had to go back June 2012. I am sure you see the trend. Well, we normally do a Christmas in Vegas vacation, too, but since we bought our new house in August (on the 5th day of school!!), I had a lot of unpacking to still do. So....I really am missing the Keys, the sun, and all the fun we have as a family!
I am needing a hug and a kiss from my kiddo. Since we moved and have had this horrible internet fiasco (moving 8 miles down the road from unlimited wifi to very limited satellite has been life changing for our family including transfering my old blog to this one), my child wanted to stay at his grandmother's house and use her unlimited wifi to game on XBOX Live with  his friends. I know, I am a horrible mom for doing that, but when you live out in the country, this is how a lot of the kids get together. It is actually quite humorous to listen to them talk, sing to each other, and play the games. My mother texts me how she is cracking up while listening to him! So...I miss my daily hugs and kisses from the kid who is bigger than me now and is only in 6th grade. :(
Finally, my one little word is a bit of a cheat. If I say 3Cs all squished together like that, doesn't it make it one word? Ha! I read the most poignant quote which sums it up quite well.
"You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change."

So that is my word: 3Cs. I have to make the choices to take a chance, loosen up, stop getting so frustrated when others aren't "in it" for the kids, or when I need to take a risk, otherwise, nothing will change. I can be the change!

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