Monday, January 21, 2013

OT-OT-OT Then the Teacher "Stuff"

This post is so off topic it isn't funny, BUT it relates to my absence from blogging and transferring my old blog posts to this blog.

I have been sick. REALLY sick. As in, I haven't been able to digest food since November and have extreme abdominal pain. I finally saw the doctor who referred me, but military referrals take forever for approval so I finally was just seen. Of course, I regret it am thankful he decided I need a HIDA scan, colonoscopy, and endoscopy. Doesn't that sound like great joy? Oh yes. Tons of fun. It also means missing work. If you know me, I H-A-T-E abhor  dislike being out of my classroom and having a sub. We're forced to use CSCOPE at least for pacing in our district (if you're not from Texas, CSCOPE is a curricular framework created by teachers - but different teachers write the curriculum separate from the people who write the tests but you don't want me on that topic!). So anyway, I hate missing any time in the classroom because it is important that though I don't teach it in the order of CSCOPE, I make sure my pacing matches the TEKS (our state standards) and concept as I am supposed to. So throw in a sub and I feel like I am drowning.

A shining light? Notice the name in the lower left corner!!

Yep, that's right! I won Queen of the First Grade Jungle's Brrr...It's Cold Outside 10 Literacy AND 10 Math Centers. You REALLY need to check this out at Katie's TPT store. You're essentially paying 50 cents a center! WHAT WHAT WHAT???! I immediately emailed these to my room parent who printed in color, laminated, AND cut them to have ready for my absence. (Don't worry, I don't share the file in accordance with policies, but she could print and do the side work for me).

I am trying to learn how to bling up some of my work to post on FB. I bling it up for my kids then see things from Katie King, Cara Carroll, Amy Lemons, and too many others to name that I think mine are subpar in comparison. I've seen some "scary" work shared on TPT and I don't want to be one of them. So, I'll keep learning. But seriously, check all these amazing bloggers and TPT authors out. You won't be disappointed!

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