Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pen Pals - do you dare?

I have done pen pals and postcard pals every single year I have been a classroom teacher...except this year. However, I am jumping in again this upcoming school year with my fabulous firsties because I know how much it means to my kiddos. I mean, I teach military children who sometimes feel as if they don't have roots anywhere to really call home or they are in transition and missing friends. They feel so very special when they get mail from their pen pals. They actually look forward to writing their pen pals and it makes letter writing a breeze!

So have you ever wondered how to get matched up? Well, the fabulous Kelley at Teacher Idea Factory has arranged this....

Source: Teacher Idea Factory

Kelley has created a quick form for you to fill out by Sunday, August 4th. Then she will take everyone's responses and match us up with a pen pal that meets our specifications! How awesome is that? How fabulous is she??!!

So, if you are looking for an amazing writing opportunity to engage and challenge your students' minds, check out Kelley's post.

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