Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Grab Your Toolbox! Part II

Do you still have your toolbox because I have some MORE great tools for you?! Okay, well, maybe just a notepad, snipping tool, or your laptop to save these!

So for Part II I am sharing some websites you can use to level your library.

As mentioned yesterday, let me preface this all by saying no tool is exhaustive in its capabilities. Some books simply aren't found by any of them. However, having some leveled is far better than none! Also, websites have differing abilities, too.

  1. Scholastic Book Wizard [complementary to app mentioned yesterday]
  2. AR Book Find [we use this in my classroom A LOT to find AR quiz #s, too]
  3. Level Books Database
  4. PALS Equivalencies
  5. Barnes & Noble Lexile Search
  6. Lexile Text Measure
  7. Lexile to Grade Correspondence
  8. Readability [provides text statistics and leveling information]
  9. Readability Calculators
  10. AtoZTeacherstuff Leveled Book Database
  11. Reading Level Conversion Guide
Now this site would be great to share with parents: Find Your Child's Reading Level.

I hope these help you as you head back into your classroom and set up your library. You may have leveled some, but I know I start to accumulate new books and want to level those as quickly as possible. How do you level yours? I use a white dot to write the AR quiz # and colored dots that match the dots on my book baskets by RL. It works, but it isn't perfect. :)

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