Sunday, July 13, 2014

Have you heard? Designer Looks Giveaway!

I know we all enjoy a great giveaway. Add Creative Teaching Press in there and a giveaway titled "Designer Looks" and you know you've got a giveaway you HAVE to check out!

Do you see that? 10 people will win $200 worth of Creative Teaching Press items! Ooohhhh....let the dreams begin! Let's see, if I could spend $200 I would definitely get any of this for my black, white, and red motif to accent my pirate/chevron/polka dot theme:

Got to have adorable letters!!!
Teaching military children who are highly mobile means we don't have a particular culture characteristic of the area, but rather a wide array of cultural representations. It is vital that I embrace that and these characters would help me put that honor on display!
I turn my kiddos into scientists from head to toe - goggles, gloves, lab coats, clipboards, etc. and this would help spruce up our science area and the importance of science in the real world!!
Then to really help them decorate their interactive notebooks I would have to get them these science stickers...24 sets of them at that!

I love using speech bubbles to emphasize reading concepts, strategies, or even things I repeatedly say. The best way? Using the kids' quotes!
I make a HUGE deal out of birthdays, too. Oftentimes, my students are celebrating while a parent is deployed, at training, or on TDY (temporary duty assignment away from the home) so I do what I can to make it extra special for them. I know these things would be just perfect!

To display:
And to treat them....

...and to help us start our first unit of math off right for the year which is a data unit, I'd have to get these awesome books!

Be sure to check out the Designer Looks Giveaway HERE.

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