Saturday, July 26, 2014

Posh Primary is out of the dark ages...

I am finally out of the dark ages! What do I mean? I am now on FACEBOOK! Okay, so I have had my personal one for years, but I didn't have a Facebook page for this blog. I mean, I am still trying to move everything from the old blog to here and well, as you can see, very time consuming or you'd see 5 years' worth of posts in the archive! Since my old blog wasn't on blogger, it isn't as simple as I had hoped. So anyway, back to my "no longer in the dark ages" post. Ha!

So, I found that I spend so much time connecting on FB that I may as well be over there with my blog offering freebies, planning having giveaways, and connecting. I mean, I try the Instagram thing (follow me @anarmywife4life) which after the Blog Hoppin' Scavenger Hunt I will definitely be revising the username, but I digress. I try Instagram, but since I am a talker, sometimes I simply need to talk, with words, and not take a picture. Not to mention, I am, as my son says, "jelly" of all these cute pictures. Every picture I take, no matter the app, looks, well, like a picture. Then I see these teachers so fun, and social, and every picture looks cutesy. I mean, can't there be an app for cutesy-ing my pics? Ugh. So, the written word, like FB allows, will be for me!

Maybe my age is showing? But 33 isn't too old yet, is it?

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